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Puzzle Me Friday

There is nothing quite as satisfying as completing a puzzle. In fact, puzzle itself, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary, is a game, toy or problem designed to test ingenuity or knowledge. I'm not quite sure I have either but I do enjoy all sorts of puzzles from jigsaw to word games. On the other hand, I'm useless at maths, I hate riddles because I can never ever get the answer and my boyfriend tells me I am the most illogical person he has ever met.

That being said my favourite day of the week is Friday and so as to celebrate Friday will now forever be known as Puzzle Me Friday - or at least it will be in my head. Each Friday a new puzzle of my own devising will be put up and I challenge you to test your "ingenuity and knowledge". 

You can find my first crossword puzzle aka. Premiere at the next link!
Premiere - Crossword Labs

A little bit of history: John Spilsbury probably isn't a name you've ever heard of but it will be one that should be revered cause this was the guy that's credited with creating the first jigsaw puzzle! He was a mapmaker and engraver and apparently created the first puzzle when he cut up one of his maps into countries so as to help his students learn geography in 1767. And if only I had of thought of that back in geography class...

Visit my Dandelion Jigsaw Puzzle here.

Please enjoy!


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